Alousystem 300 inox


The name of the series Alousystem 300inox, comes from drivers scroll feature bayonet stainless rod *, which has passed through special treatment. The stainless steel rod does not allow the rollers to come into contact with the guide, and so it does not deteriorate because avoid friction between them. Furthermore, because the driver inox, ensure quiet ride towed equality of the frame, which is achieved with minimal muscle strength.

(* The stainless steel rod is manufactured to the highest standards of quality material. Category Alloy 316 L, retaining these properties for a long time).

The Alousystem 300inox is the most reliable series and belongs to the sliding thermal break windows. The system is robust profile stitched polyamide of 24mm. Additionally, the angle of attachment of the sheet onto the aluminum blends and not at the center of the polyamide profile, resulting in perfect fitting. This feature is a special and unique design detail, confirming the strength of the construction.

Particular design attention has been paid to the vertical and upper horizontal profile of the frame. The sockets bearing guides with no longer presence of the driver inox, covered by aluminum profiles, which are contributing to the overall aesthetic, but mostly in upgrading the level of waterproofing system.

The profile of the series Alousystem 300inox, cooperate and profiles of the most widespread series Alousystem 100, like leaves on insect screens and shutters. This compatibility facilitates rapid system construction, but also allows weight saving where required.