Tips for Constructors

PhotoGiaKataskeuastesFor correct frame and quality construction, attention should be given to:

  • In checking the profile upon receipt of the order and store them in a protected area and on special shelves to avoid shocks and scratches.
  • In choosing the appropriate profile for construction.
  • In choosing parts according to the specifications of the system manual produced by the Group.
  • In strict cutting measures as listed in Technical Manuals.
  • In use the proper lubricants and cutting fluids.

According to the instructions of the General Technical Manuals of ALCO Hellas SA, particular attention should be given to:

  • In opening the appropriate holes in sheets and cases for runoff water.
  • To the use of appropriate special adhesives for sealing window frames and proper water runoff.
  • The correct placement of the windows, diagonally to avoid distortion boards (hanging).
  • In the dual sealing and positioning silicates in glass.
  • In careful count masonry openings, with necessary extra space (air), the proper placement of windows.
  • In use the proper sealant during installation.
  • In the protection of joints with joint glue to avoid filamentous corrosion.
  • In the frequent maintenance of mechanical equipment manufacturers.