Alousystem 300



The series Alousystem 300 created by the modern trend for sliding constructions of high standards. In turn this made ​​sliding insulated windows of all types.

The cross sections of the series mechanically seamed together by a polyamide width 18mm, with a final result robust profile.

The Alousystem 300 cooperates with the profile of the series Alousystem 100, such as sheets for shutters, the shutters and backsplashes, resulting quality and fast construction, and weight saving, as required.

Focus has been given to the choice of components, such as for example the rollers with synthetic plastic body and in the corner connection with the coated parts, contributing to maximum thermal insulation.

Some of the main features of the series are:

·  High resistance to thermal transmittance, wind pressure, water transmittance and wind transmittance
·  Excellent quality rubbers and accecories
·  Polyamide 18mm width
·  Thickness profile 1,4mm

Technical Features

Material: AlloyΑΑ 606040
Heat Treatment : Τ5
Dimensional tolerances : DIN 17615
Sectional dimensions: Guide from 59mm to 144mm (width) & 45mm (height)
                            : Glass sheet 39mm (width) & 94mm (heigh)
Glass pane: 20mm
Rod length : 6000mm
Profile weight : The theoretical weight can vary according to ΕΝ 755


·  Sliding
·  Sliding with insect screen
·  Recessed glass pane-shutter (single leaf or double leaf)
·  Recessed glass pane-insect-screen-shutter (single leaf or double leaf)
·  Drift Recessed
·  And other cases


ALCO company has ultramodern vertical dyeing workshop meets all shades of color sampler RAL, in glossy or matte paint.

It is possible to paint special metallic shades depending on the customer requirements.

There are 14 different shades of wood.

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