When should I decide for the windows of my house?

The decision to build the frames to be installed in a new home or to replace another time or unfitness is a considerable expense. Particular attention should be paid to the requirements relating to:

  • Durability
  • Aesthetic
  • Soundproofing
  • Saving energy
  • Impermeability

The decision is crucial, given that the average life span of a frame, is around 20 to 25 years.

Unfortunately very often happens that the selected type of frames when the buildings are complete. The buyer, watching the progress of work in the building, many times located in the unfortunate position notes that “things” do not go the way he had planned.

For this reason, decisions should be taken before the start of building. Decisions concerning understandings will be done in collaboration with the engineer and architect during the study plans of the premises.

Decision on the most appropriate type of frames and the final choice to be successful, it must be done in accordance with:

  • The type and the characteristics of the building,
  • Personal aesthetic criteria,
  • Specific climatic conditions at the site and
  • Any constraints and limitations imposed by building regulations in the area.

The economic factor is always a key selection criterion of the system, as well as the amortization of the cost through energy savings.

Why should I choose thermal break frames?

Aluminium is the ideal material for building frames, because it is undoubtedly concentrates wealth of advantages. This material combines high mechanical strength, excellent aesthetics, with “unlimited” life and minimal maintenance requirements.

It becomes clear that all of unsuitable frames and panes, are responsible for the heat loss of the interiors. In areas of Greece where there are correspondingly high temperatures in summer and low in winter, the need for thermal break aluminum systems indispensable. The replacement of single glazing with double glazing would reduce energy consumption by 32%, while simultaneously insulating the exterior walls, the savings can reach 50%. The use of aluminum frames with thermal break, in comparison with the simple “cold”, reduces the heat loss from the frames at 1/3 and contributes to reduction of heating costs in 1/5.

Another key factor in selecting frames with thermal break requirements is to protect the frame and near the surface of the phenomenon of liquefaction. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat and transfer cold inside surface of the frame. This results in the inner hot air comes into contact with the cold surface of the aluminum and liquefied. So on very cold winter days there is intense liquefaction and water runoff from the surface of aluminum at risk are damaged nearby walls, floors and objects that come into contact with water.

The thermal break frame incorporates a special insulating material, called polyamide. Polyamide interposed between the outer and inner surface (rod) of the profile, to stitch and then becoming a single profile. As a poor conductor of heat, “interrupts” the influence of the external temperature on the inner surface of the frame, eliminating the phenomenon of liquefaction and consequently all problems arising.

How do I confirm that my windows frames is of ALCO?

All our products (Alousystem, Iris, Orion, Gutbond), feature tape protection, stating the name of the series and the company that produces them.

How do I find all products of ALCO in my area?

You can contact a commercial or manufacturing shop bearing signs with the distinctive trademarks of ALCO (Alousystem, Groupal, Astra). If you can not find dealers or manufacturers in your area, call directly to the ALCO, Customer Services Tel: 210.5595223 and they give you solutions.

What should I know before I take the final decision for my windows frames?

The type of frame (sliding, opening).
The system (series), specifications and durability to weather conditions.
Contributing to the overall aesthetics of the building (size, color, accessories).
The contribution to the percentage savings in total building energy.
The quality of the components and mechanisms.

How do I pay the manufacturer?

It is important to know how effective is the right financial arrangement that will agree with your manufacturer.  Recommended the payment be done gradually and in accordance with the progress of work. Your best interest requires the signature of a well crafted private contract and your physical presence during installation of frames.

In this document should explicitly all the terms of the agreement and will mainly be a penalty for delay reason.

In no case will the amount paid if any, differences in the quality and specifications of ordered products and materials, and failure recovery of any defects.

Why should I choose aluminum as material for my windows?

From aluminum constructed frames, such as doors, windows and a number of other products, because aluminum is a material that:

Never needs any maintenance because they are highly resistant to corrosion.
Offer ready painted in a variety of colors and paint types (eg wood tones).
It is extremely lightweight and does not incur the building loads.
Selected for any construction application, modern or traditional.
It has the highest durability and use compared with any other material.
It is environmentally friendly and recyclable.
It is 100% Greek product.

The frames have excellent insulating properties when combined with the appropriate glass, tires and brushes. The possibility of using various mechanisms, facilitate the proper functioning of the frames and concrete sophisticated systems, increases the level of security. The aluminum frames were the hallmark of our time, because in their proportion contributed to the quality of life of the modern world.

How do I choose the appropriate manufacturer?

To enjoy your eponymous aluminum system of your choice, you must ensure and “good master”, ie the appropriate manufacturer who has passion, knowledge and experience. The manufacturer will adhere closely to the prescribed methods of construction, and will use certified components recommended by aluminum company and only them.
To make sure you work with the right people.

Ask the dealer aluminum systems in your area to recommend a reputable manufacturer.
Ask the manufacturer to show its business.
Ask and find out from previous customers about the consistency and quality of work.
Visit the workshop and showroom.
In all your questions and particularly those involving construction problems, should give you factual answers and should propose cost-effective solutions.